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Opening hours

Mi 15 - 18 Uhr
Do 15 - 18 Uhr
Fr 15 - 18 Uhr
Sa 10 - 13 Uhr


0173-4107 643


ab 75€ in D versandkostenfrei
ab 30€ in Trippstadt versandkostenfrei

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Why "Dragon Bean Roastery"?

Dragon is a creature which appears in many cultures from Asia to Europe

Dragon has a vivid expression in Vietnamese mind

In Vietnamese culture Dragons are believed to be a mascot that brings good luck, prosperity, and wisdom.

In Vietnamese´s folklore, Dragon is a symbol of harmonized weather and that is also our wish to coffee farmers – who are working hard, dedicate their whole life in the farm to bring out the best coffee for people with the belief that it will help to change their lives and also their children's future.

Coffee appears in everyday life

Coffee is a drink for awake, energy, refreshing and relaxing

When we bring two images Dragon and Coffee together, we would like to express positive energy in life for our customers through all their daily cup.