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Mi 15 - 18 Uhr
Do 15 - 18 Uhr
Fr 15 - 18 Uhr
Sa 10 - 13 Uhr


0173-4107 643


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Nahe der Natur

Nahe der Natur

Produkt-Code: naheDerNatur
Gewicht: 250.00g


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The museum "Nahe der Natur" is located on the Nahe river near Staudernheim and is run by Dr. Michael Altmoos, a thoroughbred biologist together with his wife Ursula Altmoos, also a biologist and environmental educator. On the one hand, natural history objects are exhibited in the museum, and on the other hand, guided tours, seminars and lectures on current nature and environmental topics take place there. You can also take a tour of the large open-air area (quarry forest) yourself and experience nature in a particularly varied way at the lovingly decorated stations.

The "Nahe der Natur-Mischung" is a blend of two different organic beans from the motherland of coffee, Ethiopia. Wild coffee varieties are also represented here, which are grown under forest cover and harvested by hand. Ethiopian coffee itself is already very diverse in taste, but here we have combined it with beans from El Salvador to offer the customer an even greater taste experience. This blend is best suited for espresso machines.

Roasting profile
Roasting degree dark
Notes of berries, flowery, milk chocolate
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Enjoyable recommendation Espresso machine